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Rotating Exhibits

Philadelphia is home to a thriving arts & culture scene. Through events, partnerships and on-going artist collaborations, The District will highlight a variety of local artists to enhance the shopping experience and bring free public art to the community.

Streets Dept Walls
A Public Gallery 

Streets Dept Walls is a celebration of art, our beloved city of Philadelphia, and ourselves. Featuring a collection of 10 new temporary murals by 11 Philly artists, our project works to honor Philly’s status as an arts capitol and a place for creatives. Streets Dept Walls was created by curator Conrad Benner (founder of with support from Fashion District Philadelphia.

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Curatorial Statement by Conrad Benner

Philly, as far as I’m concerned, is the arts capital of the United States. We have some of the country’s best art schools, museums, and institutions. We have more public art and murals than any other city in the country. And we have an incredible community of artists living and thriving here that make it all happen. This project celebrates 11 of those artists and brings their work to one of Philadelphia’s most exciting new quasi-public spaces. It’s undeniable, art is such a powerful tool. Art can connect us to ourselves, our communities, and our world in ways that few other things can. And art in the public space is a tool that’s well used when it reflects our humanity in all its beauty and complexity.  

These are Philly artists. And these are our walls!

Picture of Art Mural by Shanina Donna, called the Big Clean Up. Murual features a little boy with mask and broom

Shanina Dionna

"The Big Clean Up" is a community-led group of local artists, entrepreneurs and influencers helping to clean the streets of Philadelphia as a form of proactive problem solving in our Black communities. 
Art Mural of Graffiti

Kyle Confehr

“I hope you’re ok” is an assurance to the viewer that it’s ok to detach, re-center and heal yourself. “I hope you’re ok” is here to provide a moment to the viewer to get lost in its lines looking for something arbitrary or meaningful. Enjoy this moment for yourself.
Art Murual of 2 women surrounded by flowers

Matthew Raghunauth

Community is at the center of this mural. The artist is depicted through the symbolism in this composition. Virgo, Aries, and Cancer symbols are seen in the hands of the nymphs holding them, observing them like treasure.
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