Girl in winter outfit on bike.

Code of Conduct

Fashion District Philadelphia is private property. The following Code of Conduct has been adopted for the purpose of protecting legitimate business interests of Fashion District Philadelphia, including ensuring the public safety and welfare and the protection of patrons, guests, merchants, contractors and employees of Fashion District Philadelphia. Any person refusing to follow this Code of Conduct will be asked to leave the property. Should any person fail or refuse to leave the property, he or she may be subject to arrest.

Fashion District Philadelphia is a place of business, including shopping, entertainment venues and food venues. Appropriate behavior, relating to the varieties of business occurring at Fashion District Philadelphia is required at all times. 

  1. Fighting, "horseplay", harassment, offensive language, shouting, creating loud 
    noise, loitering, littering, or any other disturbance which disrupts or endangers any patron, guest, merchant or employee at the shopping center is not permitted 
    under any circumstance.
  2. Mall Management has the right to prohibit groups of four or more individuals from 
    congregating or walking in the interior or exterior of the shopping center unless 
    the group has appropriate adult supervision. No person may interfere with or any way obstruct the flow of foot traffic at the property. Running, skating,  skateboarding, cycling, or use of scooters is not permitted on the property.
  3. The playing of music or other sounds, other than through the use of personal 
    electronic devices with headphones is not permitted on the property.
  4. Appropriate attire, including shirts and shoes, is required at all times. Clothing 
    with inappropriate or offensive words, phrases or graphics is not permitted.
  5. Attire which deliberately obscures the face, excluding for religious practice, tradition or significance is prohibited.
  6. Damaging any surface or portion of the shopping center is strictly prohibited. Sitting on any surface of the shopping center, other than on chairs and benches provided on site for such purpose, is prohibited. Tables and chairs are provided in the food court area for the purpose of consuming food and beverages 
    purchased at the shopping center and shall be used solely for that purpose.
  7. No person may lie down, sleep, or recline in the shopping center or utilize the 
    shopping center amenities in a matter outside their attended purposes.
  8. Solicitation/Commercial Activity: Soliciting money or other contributions or 
    donations, engaging in commercial activity or distributing printed materials 
    without the expressed written permission of Mall Management is prohibited.
  9. Only service animals, trained to assist persons with disabilities, are permitted 
    within the property.
  10. The carrying of any weapon, other than by authorized law enforcement, is not 
  11. Vehicles that are inappropriately parked are subject to towing at the expense of 
    the owner. Overnight parking is prohibited.
  12. Alcoholic beverages and their consumption are permitted in licensed 
    establishments only. Use of any illicit substances is prohibited.
  13. Smoking or vaping is prohibited inside the mall as well as within 25ft. of any 
  14. Unauthorized use of emergency exists is prohibited.
  15. The sinks and toilets in the public restrooms shall not be used for any other 
    purposes than those for which they were constructed. Washing or rinsing clothes, 
    bathing, and changing clothes in the public restrooms are prohibited.
  16. Any act defined by Federal, State, or Local Law as constituting a criminal offense 
    or a violation of a public ordinance is prohibited.