Art mural of Graffiti

Kyle Confehr

“I hope you’re ok”

 Artist Bio:

Kyle Confehr (he/him) is an ambidextrous artist, designer and friend based in Philadelphia, PA. He grew up in Northeast Philadelphia and spent most of his childhood on a skateboard, playing video games or drawing. As a product of the 90’s, Kyle creates work that blurs the lines between graffiti and doodles, weaving nostalgia and satire together. Kyle’s work can be seen around Philadelphia at the Philadelphia International Airport, Neighborhood Ramen, The Fillmore, and Whole Foods Market.



Artist Statement:

“I hope you’re ok” is an assurance to the viewer that it’s ok to detach, re-center and heal yourself. “I hope you’re ok” is here to provide a moment to the viewer to get lost in its lines looking for something arbitrary or meaningful. Enjoy this moment for yourself.

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