Charles Burwell & Amber Art & Design's art installation at Fashion District Philadelphia

Charles Burwell & Amber Art & Design

Charles Burwell is an American artist from Philadelphia, PA and is known for using linear marks as a constant element in his work. Amber Art & Design is an art collective of 6 Philadelphia and New York-based artists that have a collective 20 years of experience partnering with local communities, NGOs, museums, academic and cultural institutions to realize transformative projects.

"Winter" and "Summer", 2019

This piece is meant to flow with the endless movement and energy through the building, holding a place in the speed of those passing while providing points of focus in the chaos, all while nodding to the endless layers of new and exciting contemporary colors, patterns, and textures of the fashion world.

"Spring" and "Autumn", 2019

This piece is the largest paintings that Burwell has ever created. The paintings reflect the colors of the seasons, with warm reds and yellows associated with trees and foliage of autumn, and cool greens and yellows associated with spring. There is a sense of activity and movement throughout both paintings, and the layered, meandering lines reflect the active movement of life in center city.

Learn more about the artist
Learn more about the artist

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